Mohammad A. Mandegar, DPhil

Postdoctoral Fellow, Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease

"Pulse is the simplest microscopy system that I have used to date and I highly recommend using Pulse for individuals who are interested in studying cellular phenotypes of cardiomyocytes. Using the Pulse has allowed me and fellow lab members to identify cellular phonotypes that would have been impossible to identify otherwise. One great feature about Pulse is that no additional adjustments to parameters are necessary, which makes the system very easy to use for scientists with limited computational background."

Luke M. Judge, M.D. Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at UCSF,
Postdoctoral Fellow at Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease

"Using the Pulse system has allowed me to generate meaningful data related to cardiac physiology in a fraction of the time it took with previous technology.  I can test a large number of different conditions with minimal hands-on time and the data will be ready and waiting for me to analyze on their web server at my convenience."

Mathew Brock, Ph.D.

Scientific Manager in Safety Assessment at Genentech

In a recent webinar, Mathew Brock describes use of the Pulse for long-term non-invasive tracking of drugs effects on cardiomyocyte contractility. Watch the webinar (second part) here.

Elena Matsa, Ph.D.

Instructor at Stanford Cardiovascular Institute

"The Pulse system satisfies a significant need in the field of cardiac disease modeling. The high throughput platform for high quality, automated video capture coupled with cloud-based data analysis enables the efficient measurement of contractility in human iPSC-cardiomyocytes from a number of patients with diverse disease background, age group, gender and ethnicity. It also allows the study of therapeutic or cytotoxic compounds in relation to their effect on hiPSC-cardiomyocytes. The system is extremely user-friendly for either experienced researchers or starting students."

Nirupama Pike

Director, Scientific Partnerships at Stem Cell Theranostics

"The Pulse System offers simple and user-friendly cloud-based data storage and analysis option. The automated video capture system allows for a detailed understanding of the cell behavior such as functional properties of beating cardiomyocytes in health and disease states. Other attractive features include the use of standard cell culture plates, the ability to evaluate the distribution of cells in each well and to choose specific areas within the well for functional analysis."