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Pulse makes your analytical studies of stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes easy.

Use videos from any system

Using the Pulse video service, you can upload and analyze your cardiomyocyte videos captured on any imaging system for automated analysis.

Cell and workflow friendly

Use your standard multi-well plates. No dyes, no electrodes. Nothing touches your cells except the compounds you’d like to test.

High-density or single-cell

Plate your cells however you’d like, and Pulse will automatically generate measurements for each distinct beating cell or group of cells.

Web based analysis service

Upload your videos of cardiomyocyte through our web-based service, browse your experiments online, and receive email notifications when the analysis is complete.

Image and time-series analysis

Pulse’s patented algorithm analyzes the contraction and relaxation motion patterns of cardiomyocytes to generate a beating profile, from which measurements such as beating frequency, irregularity, and duration are derived. Measurements are automatically derived for each distinct beating region, enabling automated analytical studies of high density and single-cell cardiomyocytes.


Pulse provides a new technology platform for cardiovascular drug development and cardiotoxicity testing.